Keith Cleversley, San Diego, California – Sportsman N259KC, First Flight, Flight Testing, Tail Wheel Transition Training

Keith Cleversley with N259KC

The moment you get into an aircraft with some pilots, you know immediately that you will be safe flying with them. Alan is certainly one of those pilots. He made my getting familiar with the Sportsman fun as well as informative. My transition training hours included impressively proficient demonstrations of the many capabilities of the Sportsman, including canyon turns, stalls and emergency procedures, as well as detailed training on the EFIS displays and their many functions. He not only helped me become proficient flying with a constant speed propeller, his explanation of how it compares to a transmission in a car really helped me to understand the “Why” of having one in the first place.

As a result, when it came time for first flight, flight testing, and even flying of my (very precious) plane from San Diego to Arlington, WA to go into the paint shop, Alan was the only one on my list. He’s a professional, start to finish, and one of the only pilots I trust to take care of my plane as if it were his own.
Keith Cleversley