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Glasair Aircraft Training Company is the single largest re-seller of pre-owned Glasair aircraft in the world and Now a licensed aircraft dealer in the state of washington.


Founded in 2008 after leaving full time employment at Glasair Aviation, Glasair Aircraft Training Company is owned and operated by Alan Negrin, a former factory sales demonstration, test, delivery and transition training pilot. He has an expert knowledge of flight characteristics, and provides the ultimate in transition training, of all  Glasair Aircraft including all variations of Glasair,  Glastar and Sportsman.


Alan built the very first “Two Weeks To Taxi” Glasair Sportsman in Tail Wheel configuration in 2006, and owned a Glasair I RG before that.  He has accumulated nearly 4000 hours in the Glastar and Sportsman, and more than 2500 hours in all variations of Glasair I,II, and III, including coast to coast flights under both VFR and IFR conditions. His personal aircraft is now 13 years old and has accumulated over 1500 hours of trouble free flight time.


• Beyond typical brokerage services, Alan provides pickup and delivery for sellers and buyers along with transition training for buyers.
• For sellers, he has a thorough understanding of how to demonstrate aircraft to put them in their best light and most usefulness.
• For buyers he offers consultation as to the best match for plane and pilot and can make recommendations depending on buyer needs, location and budget.



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