Experimental Aircraft Bill of Sale & Release of Liability

Copy and paste  the text below and create a word document for your use. Modify it as you see fit. 




The above described aircraft is not designed/built to meet any standards of airworthiness as are certificated aircraft.  The aircraft does not have an FAA Form 317 Statement of Conformity on file, as there are no FAA approved data with which to conform.  This is an amateur built experimental aircraft and the registered owner(s) is/are the experimenter(s).  Many parts of the aircraft were not built in permanent jigs and, as such, may not be directly interchangeable among other aircraft of the same facsimile.  The builder of this experimental aircraft may possess a repairman certificate for purposes of maintaining this aircraft, although he/she may not be a professional mechanic nor possess an FAA A&P license.  FAA records list the registered owner as the manufacturer of an experimental-amateur built aircraft and, as manufacturer, the registered owner is free to make any modifications or changes to the design as he/she sees fit.  The aircraft is an example of the owner/builder’s creative ability.  Upon sale, the new registered owner of an experimental-amateur built aircraft becomes its manufacturer.  The new owner becomes responsible for its aerodynamic and structural function/concept.  The new owner is responsible for the performance and fit or purpose of every part/piece on the aircraft.

 No warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, is made to the Purchaser or anyone else as to the merchantability or airworthiness of this experimental aircraft N                                                                                                   .  The experimental aircraft is sold on an “AS IS” with all faults basis, as the Seller is an amateur builder of this experimental aircraft and, by virtue of being experimental, this aircraft does not comply with the Federal Safety Regulations for “Standard Aircraft”.

Flying poses certain inherent risks and can result in injury or death.  Any person who pilots or rides in this experimental aircraft does so at his/her own risk.  Because of the sale hereof, this warning and the knowledge that this is an experimental aircraft and in consideration of other good and valuable consideration, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, the Purchaser hereby Waives and Releases the Builder/Seller from any and all Claims, Demands or Liability of every kind which the Purchaser may have, or an owner , or a pilot, or a passenger in this experimental aircraft.  This Release and Waiver is binding on all Heirs, Personal Representatives and Assigns of the Purchaser, Subsequent Owners, Pilots and/or Passengers. 

As Purchaser, I accept the terms of this Bill of Sale for the experimental amateur built aircraft described above and agree to be bound by the above contract.

NAME OF PURCHASER:                                                                     




As Seller, on this                day of                                 , 20                  , I do hereby sell, grant, transfer and deliver all rights, title interest, possession and responsibility to such experimental aircraft to the above Purchaser.

NAME OF SELLER:                                                                            




This Bill of Sale must be signed by both parties.  Sign before a notary if required by the State in which the transaction occurs.  The FAA dropped the requirement for notarizing in 1972.  The seller retains the original and a copy is given to the new owner.  A copy of the original is to be sent to the FAA along with the cancelled registration (if registered).