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Fully focused on all Glasair aircraft, Alan Negrin has more than 7,000 hours of flight time. He personally tests, brokers, and delivers pre-owned aircraft.

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Helping you be safe, comfortable & proficient flying your Glasair, Glastar or Sportsman.

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Let me safely pickup & deliver your Glasair, Glastar or Sportsman.

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Let an experienced Glasair Test Pilot help you conduct Phase I Flight Testing.

Many thanks to Alan Negrin. He helped me immensely with his patience and knowledgeable transition training in my new Glasair III. Even though I used to fly for the airlines and have previously owned a clip wing monocoupe, flying the Glasair III presents its own challenges.

I also really appreciate Alan’s help in getting my Glasair home to Tampa from Arlington, Washington. I highly recommend Alan Negrin Aviation Services, LLC.

Bill Symmes

Pilot, Tampa and Miami, Florida, N540BS

Thank you, Alan, for your professional service in the transition training and helping me get my Glasair Sportsman C-GKPN in the air.
Spending a couple hours each day during the six days in Arlington really helped me get comfortable with a tail dragger and the Sportsman at the same time. I also enjoyed the scenery of the area and the fly-in pancake breakfast we made it to!  It was a great week for me and I really appreciate your enthusiasm and drive in helping it go so well and make it possible for me to enjoy the Sportsman.

Trevor Berg

Pilot, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

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Alan Negrin, CFI, MEI
Based at KAWO (Arlington Municipal Airport, WA)
Phone: 425-466-8472 

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