2007 Sportsman Tail Wheel and Amphibian

 Award Winning Glasair Sportsman for Sale

Tail Wheel Gear included, Float Gear being sold separately

Stunning example of a low time, Sportsman, well built and maintained with many updates.

Aircraft built  by Retired Airline Captain, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer and A&P owner. Maintained and flown by same CFII owner to this date. June 2020 Annual.

Full IFR (IFR Pitot/Static/Altimeters/Transponder Checks in Compliance till May of 2020) and 2020 ADS-B compliant; IO-390/with Electroair electronic ignition; TruTrak Sorcerer AP; AirVenture 2012 Outstanding Amphibian; Sun’n Fun 2012 Reserve Grand Champion Seaplane; 550 hours TT; upgraded to Hartzell Trailblazer composite prop; Alaskan Bushwheel T3 tailwheel system; pulsing wing tip HID lights. 100% LEDs; Clamar 2500 amphib floats. Built by A&P owner  in 2007. Currently in Tail Wheel Gear Configuration.


All Glasair Sportsman Service Bulletins have been complied with.

All engine, mag, fuel injection system, avionic and prop ADs have been complied with.


AirVenture Oshkosh 2012 Seaplanes, Outstanding Amphibian

Sun’n Fun Reserve Grand Champion Seaplane 2012

Mid-Eastern Regional Fly-In First Place Homebuilt 2012

Cracker Fly-In Best Home Built 2014

N767JL Upgrades – Fuselage

  1. Glasair Sun visors
  2. Glasair Parking Brake Kit
  3. Glasair Seat Pan Inspection Cover Kit
  4. Glasair HID wing tips with Landing Lights, LED Nav & Strobes, MaxPulse landing light flasher
  5. Top & Bottom LED Red Baron Mini Anti-collision lights
  6. Removed TW leaf springs & installed Alaskan Bushwheel T3 TW Suspension System (2# lighter)
  7. FWD & AFT Cargo area nets
  8. AL cockpit air vents
  9. LED switch lights
  10. Custom Cover
  11. FWD Spar draft/water seals
  12. Halon Fire Extinguisher

N767JL Upgrades – Propeller

80-inch Hartzell Trailblazer composite prop (15# lighter)

N767JL Upgrades – Floats

Clamar Amphibious 2500 floats

  1. Coil Spring Suspension
  2. Landing Gear Position Warning System
  3. SS Brake Lines to wheels, AL tubing through floats

N767JL Upgrades – Engine

  1. Electroair EIS-1 electronic ignition replaced right mag (Tempest wide gap plugs installed)
  2. Glasair Mag Cooling Kit
  3. GAMI injectors installed
  4. 500-hour Inspection on left mag
  5. All new hoses installed 6/2019
  6. (4) new engine mount isolators installed 6/2019


N767JL Upgrades – Avionics

  1. Advanced Flight Systems AF-4500 EFIS with Synthetic Vision
  2. Advanced Flight Systems AF-429M ARINC Adapter Module
  3. TruTrak Sorcerer Auto Pilot with Auto Pitch trim
  4. Artex ME-406 ELT with upgraded metal strap mounting tray & antenna
  5. Garmin GTX330ES ADS-B transponder
  6. Garmin GDL88 ADS-B in/out transceiver
  7. Garmin GNS530W WAAS GPS
  8. Garmin SL30 Nav/Com
  9. Garmin GPSMAP496 interconnected to EFIS-AP-530
  10. Garmin FlightStream 210 wireless gateway
  11. Upgrade standby altimeter to United 5934P-3
  12. SIRS magnetic compass2 Inch #1 Nav CDI

MORE PHOTOS HERE!    https://photos.app.goo.gl/tX9pRCe5uC4qkj6z8


Professional Delivery and Transition Training Available after the sale

Contact: Alan Negrin, Glasair Aircraft Training Company, alan@glasairtraining.com, 425-466-8472