What Model Glasair Is It Really?

Glasair I,  Serial #’s 001 to 1000,  This is the designation for all kits delivered through about 1985. These early kits were about 2 ½ “ narrower in the cockpit than current models and the customers had to make their own canopy frames by cutting the frame out of the fuselage shells.

Glasair II serial #’s 1001-1119.  This version has  a wider, taller fuselage with flange joggles at the firewall, wingtips, etc. The canopy frames were included as formed assemblies. Fuselage length remained the same as the Glasair I’s.

Glasair II-S (stretch) serial #’s 2001-2184, have a lengthened fuselage.  The II-S stretch left the plane with an aft CG problem which was solved by moving the wing aft slightly, increasing the span of the horizontal stab. and moving the engine forward slightly. 

Glasair Super II serial #’s 2201-2XXX,  is the current model.

Glasair III models are 3001 and up. These aircraft were designed for the Lycoming IO-540-K1H5, six cylinder, 300 hp engine. There are a handful of Glasair III aircraft that have been fitted with turbine powered engines.