2010 Amphibious Glasair Sportsman 2+2

Fresh Annual With Sale

Fly it away for NOW $199,900, Priced Slashed from $225,000



Owner built in the Glasair Aviation Two Weeks to Taxi Program.

120 hours total time since new on everything in the aircraft – Expert Sportsman  A & P maintained

Engine and Propeller
80 inch Two Blade Hartzell mounted on Lycoming IO-390 engine @ 210 HP
Stainless Steel Four-Into One, Tuned Exhaust
Custom Made Carter Exhaust Hangars

Full IFR Glass Panel with Advanced Flight Systems AF-4500 PFD Synthetic Vision with Optional Backup Battery
Optional Mapping Included, Display Approach Plates (Optional with Subscription)
AF-3400S Synthetic Vision Screen on Co-Pilot Side, Optional Mapping Included, Display Approach Plates (Optional with Subscription)
Garmin GNS 430 W, IFR Certified GPS/NAV/COM – COM 1
Garmin SL 40 – COM 2
Garmin GMA340 Audio Panel, Garmin GTX 327 Transponder
Advanced Auto Pilot, fully coupled with vertical and roll steering.
Flies coupled GPS and ILS approaches
Lighted Back-up instruments – Airspeed, Altimeter and Electric Artificial Horizon with Rheostat Dimmer,
Lighted Electrical Switches with Rheostat Dimmer, Auxiliary 12 volt Power Outlet and Audio Input Jack
Electric Elevator and Aileron Trim, Pilot and Co-pilot stick grips
Four Rheostat Dimmer Controls
Multi-Function, Position Pulse Light Switch
Gear Up / Down Position Lights + Aural Gear Up / Down Warning System
Garmin GTS 800 TCAS System, Displays On G 430 and Advanced Screens with Aural Warning
12 Volt Power Socket, Electric Elevator and Aileron Trim and PPT Switches on both Multifunction Stick Grips
Audio Input Jack

Rear Forward Facing Seat
Standard headset jacks for front and rear passengers, two sets
406 MHz ELT with panel-mounted remote activation switch
Andair Fuel System Valve (Left-Right- Both-Off)
Cabin Heat-Defrost
Large, 2 inch Swiveling Eye-Ball Cabin Vents
Inertial Real Safety Belts, Pilot and Co-Pilot
Sun Visors, Pilot and Co-Pilot
Full Dual Controls and Brakes + Parking Brake

LED NAV / Strobe Lights, HID Wingtip Mounted Landing Lights, GPU Power Plug
Tricycle Gear, Wheels Tires, Wheel Fairings, Strut and Flap Fairings
Aural Gear Up / Down Warning System

Photos available at: https://photos.app.goo.gl/6pTulvGejCLCNO9h1
EMAIL ME FOR MORE INFORMATION: alan@glasairtraining.com OR CALL 425-466-8472