2007 Glasair Sportsman 2+2
Customer Assembly Center Built (Prior to Two Weeks to Taxi)
Only 140 hours total HOBBS time since new.
Fresh Annual 4/2014
Fly it away for $139,900


Engine and Propeller:

80 inch Two Blade Hartzell mounted on Lycoming IO-390 engine @ 210 HP

Avionics Basic IFR / Solid VFR:

Dynon D10A EFIS, Dynon D120 EMS-EFIS
PS Engineering PMA 4000 Intercom / Audio Panel
Garmin 250XL IFR Capable (enroute) GPS/COM, King KX-155TSO NAV/COM with King VOR indicator
Garmin GTX 327 Digital Transponder, ELT with Panel Mounted Remote Activation
Lighted Analog, Pitot Static, Back-up instruments – Airspeed, Altimeter, Vertical Speed, Electric Turn Coordinator, Electric Elevator and Aileron Trim & PTT Switches Pilot and Co-pilot stick grips
Astro Tech Chronometer / Timer, Low Voltage Warning Light, Engine Warning Light
Rheostat Dimmer Switches, Lighted Electrical Switches
60 Amp Alternator, Split Master Power and Alternator Field Switch
Electric /Hydraulic Gear Retraction /Extension System with Audio and LED Lighted Warning System
Backup Audio and LED Lighted Gear Warning System


Genuine Leather Seats
Seat Back Adjusters (moves fore and aft), (Pilot / Co-Pilot)
Lumbar Support-inflatable (Pilot / Co-Pilot)
Heater / Defroster Control
Matching Ignition and Door Locks Key
Andair Fuel System Valve (Left-Right- Both-Off)
Full Dual Controls and Brakes


Montana 2400 Amphibious Floats with Large Gear Lockers
Tail dragger Gear
Whelen NAV / Strobe Lights
Direct Battery Connection for Charging and Jump Starting
50 Gallons Fuel
Andair Fuel Valve- Left/Right/Both
Emergency Hand Pump for Gear Extension and Retraction

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