2015 Glasair Sportsman

Fly  Away Price:  $199,000.00

OR BUILD NEW FOR $300,000.00


Factory Built Demo Plane for Glasair Aviation
Two Weeks to Taxi Program



150 hours total time since new on everything in the aircraft (Except Engine and Prop)

Glasair Factory Sportsman Expert A & P maintained

Engine and Propeller
74 inch Two Blade Hartzell mounted on Lycoming IO-390X engine @ 210 HP (800 hours since new)
Stainless Steel Four-Into One, Tuned Exhaust

Full IFR Glass Panel with Dual Dynon SkyView EFIS Systems, Synthetic Vision incl. Optional Backup Batteries
Dual ADAHRS for Complete Redundancy of PFD/EMS/MFD Systems
Mapping Included, Display Approach Plates, Approach Plates & Airport Diagrams (Optional with Subscription)
Garmin GTN 750, IFR Certified GPS/NAV/COM  –  COM 1
Garmin GTR 200 Remote Mounted – COM 2
Garmin GMA340 Audio Panel
406 MHz ELT with panel-mounted remote activation switch
Dynon Transponder with Mode S and ADS-B IN and OUT (2020 Compliant)
Advanced Auto Pilot, fully coupled with vertical and roll steering.
Flies coupled GPS and ILS approaches
Heated Pitot Tube
Lighted Electrical Switches with Rheostat Dimmer, Auxiliary 12 volt Power Outlet and Audio Input Jack
Dual USB Power Port
Electric Elevator and Aileron Trim and PPT switches on both Multifunction Stick Grips
Rear Facing Back Seat –Seats Two Full Size Adults
Standard Headset Jacks for front and rear passengers, two sets
LEMO Headset Jacks for Pilot and Co-Pilot (Bose Style Panel Powered)
Andair Fuel System Valve (Left-Right- Both-Off), Cabin Heat-Defrost
Large, 2 inch Swiveling Eye-Ball Cabin Vents
Full Dual Controls, Rudder Pedals and Brakes + Parking Brake
LED NAV / Strobe Lights, HID Wingtip Mounted Landing Lights
Configured Tricycle Gear, Wheel Fairings, Strut and Flap Fairings
Flush Mounted Fuel Caps, Parking Brake, Opening Camera/Vent Windows Left and Right Side
Custom 3 Color Paint

This completely loaded factory demo plane was recently purchased but the owner decided he needs something in the light sport category.  His loss can be your gain.  The engine and prop times do not match the rest of the aircraft because they were previously installed on another factory demo plane. There is no damage history on any component of this aircraft. All times are since new.

All inspections are up to date. The aircraft was built and maintained by Glasair Factory technicians. This is as close to a certified aircraft in terms of quality and construction that you can find in an Experimental Category airplane.

If you built a new one exactly like this one, you would spend $300,000.00 and two weeks of your time at the factory and then wait another two to three months for the painting and final fly off before you could fly it home.  Save thousands and fly this one away NOW!

The Carbon Fiber upgrade provides an additional 150 pounds of useful load over the standard fiber glass Sportsman. It is a $15,000.00 upgrade. 

IFR pilots will enjoy state of the art avionics with a fully coupled auto pilot capable of flying approaches. You will have synthetic vision. You will be able to display VFR & IFR charts, Geo-Referenced Approach Plates and Airport Diagrams (with subscription from Seattle Avionics Software for about $100 per year). Fly confidently in IMC conditions with unsurpassed situational awareness.

This aircraft can easily converted to Tail Wheel configuration and will also make and ideal float plane, especially with the 150 pounds of additional useful load.


EMAIL ME FOR MORE INFORMATION: alan@glasairtraining.com   OR CALL 425-466-8472