Andrew Marks here, I picked up my newly purchased Sportsman, N24EP, from Curt in Las Vegas and got it back to Northwest Arkansas. I just wanted to let you know about the experience. When you and I first started talking, you had a Sportsman for sale representing another client.

That made me a little apprehensive of advice to which airplane I should buy. What impressed me is that after you sold that Sportsman, you continued to help me pick the correct one for me, (even if you did not represent me or the seller)

As I consulted others as well, unanimously I was told that I should go forward as directed by you on N24EP. I cannot put into words the level of your integrity. Thank you for the guidance! Also, I wanted to say thanks for the training. The maiden voyage was as expected. It took about 9 hours of flying from Las Vegas to Fayetteville. That slow it down Technic (flying with full flaps in the pattern) to let the others get out of my way is incredible. Not something I could do in the 182. I plan to see you again in the near future to finish up that tail wheel training

Andrew Marks
Fayetteville, AR