Michael Bordelon – Baton Rouge, LA -Sportsman Sale and Delivery

I purchased a previously owned Glasair Sportsman 2+2 last year from a gentleman who was wise enough to use Alan Negrin as his agent to sell the airplane. Alan took time out of his busy schedule to fly the airplane out to me so I could evaluate the airplane in person. This was a trip from the Carolinas to False River airport in Louisiana.

Not only did Alan take the time to bring the airplane out, but he also took the time to fly with me and help me get acquainted with the airplane. He was patient and knowledgeable in taking me through the paces. Even after the sale was completed, Alan has always been there when I have had a question or needed advice about the airplane.

I would highly recommend him if anyone needs the services he offers. I have never regretted for a second the purchase of the airplane. Thanks again Alan!

Yours Truly,

Michael R Bordelon