Malcom Glover-Auburn, CA – Glastar Pre-Purchase Evaluation


Having now owned Glastar 542MJ for two weeks, built by Myron Jenkins, as the “only” all-Carbon Fiber Glastar in the world; I want to thank you for all of your counsel by telephone as well as travels to meet me to inspect various Glastars in my quest to find the one for me, over the past year.

As you pointed out early on, there is a definite transition learning curve in finessing a Glastar on to a short field and/or soft field landing. Truly somewhat different than a traditional “float” ground affect of a Cessna. I continue in perfecting both my normal 70 mph approach with slight power until touchdown to mastering “hanging on the prop” with power for short field landings. It is interesting that due to the design of the wing, (slight more dihedral than other Glastars) 35’ length of the wing and in my case NO delta vortex generators on the all carbon wings; it definitely does not have much ground affect or float just over the runway. You need to fly her in and keep some power on until you touch down.

I am extremely pleased with being the owner of not only a Glastar but Myron’s very unique sleek build. Power plant IO360 along with 60 gallons of fuel allows myself, another and the 250lb payload to range at between 800 and 850 miles at between 140 and 150 kts – AWESOME!

I will be looking to upgrade panel to comply with ADS-B as well as incorporate IFR capability in the future.

Thank you again for all your help and advice – look forward to seeing you when and wherever as well as getting her up to Stoddard-Hamilton/Glasair in Arlington one of these days.

Best Regards,

Malcolm Glover