Kevin Yagues N253P

If you need to sell your Glasair, Glastar or Sportsman, let Alan take care of it. Your plane will sell faster and the entire process is simple compared to doing it yourself. No one else knows the Glasair market better than Alan. Alan flew to my home base and inspected and flew my Glasair III.

He did that so he could get firsthand knowledge of the build quality and handling characteristics as well as the performance specs of my plane before marketing it. He was also able to transport my plane with its new owner to the owner’s home airfield. He also provided professional transition training for the new owner as well. That is very important especially for high performance; technical aircraft like the Glasair retracts.

Being able to help the buyer thru the whole transport/transition process helped sell the plane faster and gave me great piece of mind vs. me simply handing the keys over.

Thanks again Alan for selling my Glasair III N253P


Kevin Yagues