Jeff Wooldridge – Louisville, KY – Glasair III N111TP – Purchase – Transition Training

My career had me flying B737’s, B777’s and most recently B757 / 767’s for the better part of the past 20 years and I hadn’t flown a small aircraft since before then, so flying with Alan Negrin as my flight instructor was a great choice!!! Alan had me flying approaches and landings in my new Glasair III in record time and his keen eye and wealth of experience was vital to my success of relearning old, forgotten skills and a few new ones having never flown a Glasair III before. He has my highest compliments and he kept on me to not flare the new hot-rod like a Boeing. Following his instructions and comments was very valuable and I’m a better, safer pilot because of him. I flew out from Kentucky for his guidance and instruction…it was worth every mile of the journey! Thanks again Alan! Fly safe!

Jeff Wooldridge