Jamie Comar-Lake Charles, LA

I’d written a review previously for Glasair Training Company, lauding their performance as a broker and trainer from the perspective of a buyer when I took ownership of my Glasair III, N220P. Having just recently completed the strenuous journey of selling the very same plane, I can offer another superlative endorsement of Alan Negrin’s service from the seller’s perspective. Truth be told, it is from this perspective that I have the sincerest appreciation and recognition for his value as my airplane broker.

Focused on avoiding the cost of a sales commission, I started the sale process thinking that for-sale-by-owner was the way to go. I was certainly not cognizant of just how prevalent “tire kickers” are when selling a plane, nor did I appreciate the significance of how much time these casual buyers can purloin. That really wasn’t the tipping point for going with a broker though. Once you’ve made the decision to sell your plane (which can be an emotional one), looking after it for the period in which it will be listed becomes quite burdensome. Flying it to keep it exercised, coordinating inevitable maintenance, cleaning it, and all the other ancillary tasks of airplane ownership, are still required to maintain the integrity of your investment. When I finally had enough and really wanted to be rid of the plane, and all its associated responsibilities, I sought out Alan’s brokerage services.

Alan truly went above and beyond as a steward and custodian of N220P. I handed it over to him entirely, he flew it to his hangar in Arlington, WA near Seattle, and the rest is history. From my perspective, this was an entirely smooth and painless process. Alan had absorbed all those responsibilities of caring for the plane while we waited for a buyer. For 10 months, Alan looked after my plane, kept it clean, flew it to prevent stagnation, performed demo flights, handled the coordination of required maintenance, and various other service tasks well outside of his scope.

After several sales agreements fell through for one reason or another, Alan continued to baby sit N220P until the right buyer came along. When he finally found the owner to be, he negotiated on my behalf, handled all the logistics to close the deal, and had money wired into my account three days after the initial negotiation.

So, if you’re considering enlisting Glasair Training Company as your aircraft broker, do yourself a favor and let Alan Negrin be your guide. And when you’re looking at the commission cost through a thrifty lens, realize that with Alan Negrin there is a value return that is not duly appreciated, well beyond marketing and closing a sale. Your airplane is a huge investment, and Alan will take care of it for you as he would his own, for as long as it takes, until he finds its new owner. His service is worth every penny.