For Sale – Glasair III – N87RH



Glasair III – N87RH Completed 2012

N87RH is likely the most incredible Glasair III, and certainly one of the most exciting and beautiful home built aircraft ever to be assembled.

Total Time 40 Hobbs hours Since All New Everything.

The craftsmanship is unmatched and customized in every detail down the smallest item. This project took more than 20 years and more than 30,000 hours. There is well over a half million dollars invested. 

Engine New Lycoming (See detail below) 

Lycon built IO-580-EXP engine 411hp (677 Foot Pounds Torque)
Roller Lifters and Cam
Balanced Crankshaft and Piton Rods, 10:1 High Compression Pistons
Cold Air Sump
Dual-Plasma III Lightspeed Engineering Ignition
Custom Cooling air plenum
Cleanable pre-filter for boost pump
Dual oil coolers
Forward facing injector servo
Automatic ram air/filter control
Integral Smoke system

Custom built McCauley three blade extended hub propeller with Custom spinner
Extended cowling

Built-In Mountain High oxygen system
Golf club compartment
Custom leather interior
Oregon Aero Temper foam seat cushions.
Engraved paint panel labels


Integral wing tip extensions 11” per side
Plain flaps w/full span hinges (Electric)
Flaps reflex above neutral
Increased leverage on landing gear strut actuation
Matco brakes, modified half forks and axles for near flush fit
Custom relay-based gear pump control
Hydraulic fluid sight gauge
Pneumatic squat switch
Up, Down, and Emergency system hydraulic gauges
Electric Elevator and Rudder trim
Maximized fuel capacity in wing (75 Gallons US)
Dual Odyssey batteries (PC 680)
Emergency Buss
Gear door free cowling removal
Hydraulically operated nose gear doors
Immaculate plumbing and wiring
Polished stainless firewall, wheel wells, and exhaust tunnels

PS Engineering PMA8000B Audio Panel
Garmin G600 EFIS system
Garmin GNC-250XL GPS/COM
Garmin GTX-327 Transponder
Garmin GDL69A Sirius XM Weather Receiver
406 ELT
CO2 detector
Angle of Attack
Dual DIN DVD/Stereo
Dynon D10A backup EFIS
JPI EDM-930 color engine monitor w/capacitance fuel probes

Engine Build History:
There are 32.3 hours on the tach and 41.6 hours on the Hobbs at the time of the annual. (July 2018)

The engine was purchased new from Lycoming and shipped directly to Monty Barrett of to be overhauled with HP improvements. It was broken in on the test stand and Dyno tested to 325 HP. That was the HP we had the custom McCaully propeller designed for. They also custom painted the engine white with two-toned gray cylinders.

Ron kept the engine (when not used for building the airframe mods we did) in a plastic kiddie pool blocked up and filled with oil. He would rotate the engine by hand regularly and change the oil. The shop was heated the entire 7 years that the plane was not being worked on as well as the previous 6-1/2 years of construction. During the 7 year hiatus, Lycoming came out with the I-580 engine and Ron obsessed about exchanging the 540 cylinders for 580 cylinders. After we started working on the project again he drove the engine to Lycon and had them do that as well as the o-ring case half seal they machine into the case split line and other HP improvements. It was also broken in on the test stand and dyno tested to 411 HP at 3000 RPM. Ron picked up the engine himself and drove it back, now with a custom red paintjob. We had just enough time to make sure the custom plenum and baffling I made would still work before Ron passed away, and it did. I had to make a new fuel pump cooling shroud which we opted to make out of fiberglass and to paint it to match the engine. So, it’s basically a new engine that has been meticulously stored and overhauled twice before ever flying. It is the best starting, running, and sounding Lycoming I’ve ever worked with and I can’t take credit for any of that except possibly for how it sounds, in part for the custom exhaust system I mocked up for the exhaust shop to fabricate for us.

Lou Kitz

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Professional Transition Training and Delivery after sale but not included in the sales price.
Please, No Trades will be considered. This aircraft is being offered only for outright sale.

Contact only: Alan Negrin, Glasair Aircraft Training Company, 425-466-8472,