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Glasair III Flight  Training

Dec 21, 2017


Steinar Roald

We are going to complete our Glasair 3, the first one i Norway, in the summer 2018. We are going to attend sun and fun the coming spring and we are looking for someone offering G 3 flight training. Does anyone know somebody that offers this service??

Steinar Roald

Byron CoveyBJC




Dennis Vanatta

I think Alan Negrin is still doing that and would be a great choice.


Martin Williams

I spent a day and a half with Alan last April, and found the training very enjoyable and most worthwhile… highly recommended!


Reggie Smith

I will add my recommendation for Alan Negrin, I did a Glasair III checkout earlier this year, excellent instruction and very enjoyable to fly with … plus his G-III is really nice!


Dan Burwell

Hi Sir,
Please call @AlanNegrin, located at Arlington (KAWO) Airport, Arlington, Washington. His cell phone is:
425-466-8472. Good luck with your Glasair III and congratulations!