Gary Bauerle-Sportsman 2+2 Tail Wheel Purchase and Transition Training

I recently purchased a 2012 Sportsman 2+2 aircraft from Alan Negrin.  I had prior time on a tricycle gear Glastar and tail wheel RV6 but hadn’t flown during the past two years. Alan is great to work with as an aircraft broker and instructor.  He handled everything rapidly and was not at all pushy in my dealings with him.  He is very good at communication by phone, e mail and text messaging and explained the process well.  Alan helped me get a pre-purchase inspection and annual done on the plane, provided transition, and conducted a flight review.  My insurance broker was very pleased to hear I was working with Alan. He is very experienced in Glasair aircraft and I highly recommend working with him. Thanks Alan,

Gary Bauerle, Greeley Colorado