Dean Johnson – Charlottesville, VA – N74PC Sportsman Tail Wheel Transition Training


Just a quick note to thank you for your training last week.

You completed a lot of training in a very short period of time (owing to the awful weather) and we very much appreciate your working with our (and Mother Nature’s) schedules. With the kind of time that you have in the Sportsman, I am sure you have seen it all, but we very much benefitted from your step by step approach to showing us the vast capabilities and few eccentricities of the airplane in a very methodical approach. We presented you with students who had a wide range of tail wheel experience yet very little Sportsman experience and you imparted knowledge that has enabled everyone to become better pilots in general and Sportsman-familiar in specific.

As the owner of the plane, I appreciate your taking the time to follow up with ownership related points. It is in my best interest to benefit from your 3,000 plus hours and appreciate your willingness to share.

Hope to see you on a trip west.


Dean Johnson