Will Silva – Seattle, Wa – Glastar Tail Wheel Transition Training

Thanks for providing transition training for me in your lovely Sportsman, in advance of my buying a tail-wheel GlaStar. Spending an hour of ground time with you discussing how these aircraft differ from the old Cessnas and tail-draggers I’d been flying, and from each other was time well spent. Covering design features, ground and flight-handling characteristics, and procedures was good preparation for a familiarization flight. I appreciated your demonstration, followed by your close attention to how I was executing the maneuvers we flew.

Your enthusiasm, encouragement, and talking me through the process helped me through those first anxious landings, and by the time we were done I felt confident that I’ll have a valid “license to learn” in my pocket when I buy my own GlaStar. Good work! I”ll recommend you to anyone considering flying one of these aircraft.

Will Silva
Seattle, WA