Norman Van Vactor – Dillingham, AK – N140AK Sportsman Tail Wheel Transition Training

Norm Van Vactor and N140AK

No buyers remorse here! I’m a fairly high time Alaska pilot but my tail wheel training checkout is 25 years removed. Through a series of fortunate circumstances, I found a terrific 2009 Sportsman 2+2 for sale but it came with two issues. First and foremost, my insurance company wanted a minimum of five hours of dual. That was fine and I wanted nothing but the best because issue number two was the fact that the plane was in Boca Del Toro, Panama.

A series of common recommendations had me calling Alan Negrin. Alan has been and continues to be awesome! Six hours of dual and I was on my way. Great flight earlier this week from Texas to Seattle inspired with confidence built on the foundation of some excellent transition training. Alan continues to help in so many other ways as I take on a few upgrade projects in Arlington, WA prior to the final leg of getting N140AK to her new home in Bristol Bay Alaska. Thanks Alan!