Mike Harfst – Portland, OR -Glastar Tail Wheel Transition Training

I recently spent a couple of days with Alan Negrin getting current on taildraggers again. His Sportsman is a beautiful rugged plane with lots of power. Although I have over 500 hrs in my GlaStar, it has been 7 years since I flew a taildragger at all, and the ancient skills were rusty and forgotten. I like working with patient instructors that can explain things well, ahead of time on the ground. Alan coached me through the worst of my bad habits. Now I feel ready to get back in my newly converted GlaStar and spend some flight time relearning the fine points of conventional gear.
Thanks again for the refresher training on tailwheels. I’m glad we finally got together. And I’m glad your plane survived my ham-fisted flying.
Mike Harfst, N9TZ

Hey Alan
I thought I’d drop you a note to let you know that your training paid off when I finally tried my plane as a taildragger.
N9TZ flew and landed smoothly. Everything was so much easier with my own plane.
It felt like I was wearing my own skin again and the three point landing was the best I’ve ever done.
If I can get my engine broken in, in time, maybe I’ll make it to Smiley Creek this year.
If not, next year for sure.
Mike Harfst