Kevin Roy – Chehalis, WA – Glasair Super II RG Transition Training

Kevin Roy with Glasair Super IIS RG N8848R

After spending 8 years and most likely over 4000 hrs building my Glasair Super II RG (what a beautiful finished aircraft the Glasair is), I wanted to be the one to test pilot my Glasair also. As I was nearing completion of my Glasair, I had many questions about, test flying, new engines, Glasair takeoff and landing, flying, stalling, gear, CS Prop, and many other questions on how to approach it all as a test pilot.

By way of emails and phone calls, I was able to get many of my questions answered by Alan Negrin while I was finishing final systems testing for first flight. Alan was very helpful answering my questions so I was prepared to test fly my Glasair for the first time. With our pre flight talk before “Transition Training Flight” at  Glasair Aviation, LLC in their Super II RG , Alan was able to get a great feel for my piloting skills and needs; therefore giving me focused training based on my piloting skills and needs in the Glasair.

I now have two; very successful 45 minute flights in my Glasair Super II RG. Alan Negrin’s transition training and advice was key to making those first two flights less stressful and the success they were.
Alan Negrin is a very knowledgeable and skilled pilot. I highly recommend Alan’s training and flight services for whatever level of training or testing you decide is needed to get your project in the air.

Good luck with your project

Kevin Roy