Jim Church, Park City, Utah – Sportsman N146JC, First Flight, Flight Testing, Tail Wheel Transition Training

Jim Church with N146JC


After building my Sportsman 2+2 in Glasair’s “Two week to taxi” program, my aircraft needed the 40hr fly off.

Alan expertly handled 25 hours of the initial test flight plus engine break in which can’t be rushed and takes hours of patience. I flew with Alan for the next 13hrs. I had not flown a tail dragger for 25 years (Globe Swift) so I was a little apprehensive.

Alan was a great instructor and in no time it all began to come back including the cross wind landings.

Having built his own Sportsman that he flies regularly Alan knows the aircraft inside out.

If you are building an aircraft and need test flying or a checkout or just recurrent training, Alan is the guy you want training you.