Jack Tunnell – Dallas, Texas – Sportsman Transition Training

Alan Negrin and N944SP – Anchorage, Alaska Photo by Ted Setzer

Hello All,

I did some transition training with Alan today, using the yellow Sportsman from the factory.  Alan demonstrated a “Box Canyon Turn” and I will say WOW.  We were about 2500 AGL and did the turn with full flaps, full power, about 45+ knots, and close to a 60 degree bank angle.  My unscientific measurement says that if you get into a canyon so tight you can’t get out doing that turn, you could throw a wiffle ball and hit either side.

Getting some dual from Alan was a treat also.  I haven’t flown since ’08 and the Sportsman and Alan treated me very kindly.

Jack Tunnell – May 4, 2012
Sportsman #7161