Gordon Paul Anderson – Silverthorne, CO – Sportsman Tail Wheel Transition Training

Gordon P. Anderson with N2CQ

I started my “2 week to Taxi” on April 16, 2012, and wanted to participate in the first 40 hours flying in the Arlington area, so that I would be thoroughly familiar with the plane before heading home. Both my son, Anthony “Quinn” and I turned to Alan for our transition training.

My first session was not up to my standards. I believe it was associated with flying the stick with the left hand ( we have a Champ, a High Country Explorer and previously had a Super Decathlon, flying with stick with the right hand and power & flaps with the left) and flying the glass panel. The second session with Alan went much better and as a result flying the 35 hours off in my plane was a non-event (and a great experience). Alan covered it all; the plane, its capabilities, its performance, maintenance tips, flying by the numbers. Absolutely anyone transitioning to a Sportsman would have time well spent with Alan! -GPAnderson – Silverthorne, CO and Lisbon, ND