Connie Horder- Canyon Creek, Montana – Sportsman N22WK- Transition Training

N22WK-aka “The Zephyr”


Just a note to thank you for the recent training session in Billings. You gave me a much better feel for the true extent of my Sportsman’s capabilities. It was fun and exciting to be able to push her limits safely! Especially useful was experiencing the broad envelopes of slow flight.

And of course the pattern practice was invaluable. You gave me a clear understanding of what needed doing and then made me do it!

You know the Sportsman so well that the training with you far exceeds any I could receive with other CFI’s! Anyone new to the Sportsman or just looking to increase their skills in their Sportsman will not be disappointed with your instruction or more importantly,  their results!

Happy flying through the rest of the year and hopefully I will see somewhere in the back country of Montana or Idaho next summer.

Thanks again,

Connie Horder- Kettle Gulch – Canyon Creek, Montana