Chris Krone – San Diego, CA – N980DB-Sportsman Tail Wheel Transition Training

Chris Krone with N980DB

I recently had the pleasure of learning to fly this amazing Sportsman aircraft at the turn of the new year. Packed with an IO-390 and 210 hp it is a handful of tail wheel aircraft.

Alan Negrin (Sportsman Instructor)  put me at ease with his patience, knowledge and professionalism of the airplane and style of instructing. His ability to work with your strengths and make you confident in your weakness is a true sign of a great flight instructor.

The aircraft it self is a beauty and after flying the Cirrus for 3 years and doing Second in Command work in a Gulfstream G4, this airplane holds its weight. The aircraft lifts off at 38kts and cruises at over 145kts. Equipped with a Glass cockpit I have the confidence to go places.

Thank you again Alan for your expertise..

Christopher Krone, CFII