Carl Estler-Brenham, TX-Glasair III Delivery and Transition Training

I highly recommend Alan Negrin to test fly and delivery your plane safely home. He shows up when he says he will. He puts your plane in a hanger if weather or distance requires an over night. He communicates well, even carrying a tracking device that shows you his progress. He also watches your budget by looking for ways to save you money in lodging, food and fuel. He even had the patience (and courage) to give this Cherokee pilot my first 3 hours of dual in my new fire breathing 330 horse power Glasair 3.

Earlier I wrote how exceptional Alan Negrin is as a Delivery Pilot and inspector. I did not mention how exceptional he is as a flight instructor.

If you have not already gotten your new dream bird you will be surprised how hard it is to get everyone on a schedule that works. The buyer, seller,CFI, inspector, Delivery Pilot and instructor seem like cats when you the buyer are trying to bring everyone together.
 Alan, being the inspector, delivery pilot and instructor is a good guy to know. He will work with the schedule instead of against it. When you get your bird home he will provide first rate instruction. He is kind and patient and you can tell he loves his job. Yet he is not afraid to be stern with you if you are flying in a way you shouldn’t.
If you need someone that can do it all give Alan a call.
Carl Estler
New Glasair 3 owner


Carl Estler