Brian Shol – Titusville, FL-Glastar TD, Delivery / Transition Training

Alan, Wanted to thank you again for picking up the new GlaStar in Boise and delivering it to Central Florida.  The weather wasn’t very cooperative, but you kept pushing forward and took exceptional care of my new equipment.  Your high level of communication and the frequent pictures of the journey put me at ease and made me feel like I was part of the adventure.  Upon delivery you took the time to familiarize me with the new aircraft and we immediately began the transition training process.  Although I only had a few hours of previous tail wheel time, you accelerated the learning curve and before the Hobbs clicked into the next hour we were shooting approaches and I was becoming a real stick and rudder tail wheel pilot.

Thanks again for all that you did to make my next phase of GA a reality.

Brian Shol
Space Coast FL