Billy Mac Perry-Colorado Springs, CO – Glasair III Transtion Training


It was a pleasure working with you this week.  Please feel free to use and/or edit my pictures and any statements contained for your company as reference/testimonials.

You were very professional and knowledgeable instructing in the Glasair III.  As a former military and 20+ year airline pilot your instructing skills and knowledge prepared me for my transition back into general aviation. I highly recommend you as the go to guy for anyone checking out in the Glasair III.

Your relaxed but very professional instruction allowed me to quickly become comfortable in this single engine high performance aircraft.
Additionally, your knowledge of the aircraft provided me with a solid foundation to build upon operational knowledge and experience to operate the aircraft efficiently and safely.

Thank you again and hope our paths cross again.  Soon.

Billy Mac Perry Jr.
ATP: B767-757-727, DC-9
Military pilot: B-1B, B-52G&H, T-38, T-37, T-41
And now the best of all:  N1YB (Yeah Baby!)