Own The Grizzly

2018 Sportsman Amphib, Trike, Tail Wheel

2018 Glastar Sportsman 2+2 Two weeks to taxi TWTT

C-GRZL Serial #7457

Carbon Fiber Fuselage –Clamar Amphibian Floats –

$429,500 Invested to Build (Documented)

Fly it away for $324,900.00 US

87 Hours Total Time Since New

 Own “The Grizzly”. The most advanced and well equipped Two Weeks to Taxi Sportsman ever built. Almost every possible option is yours on this almost new Sportsman. Trike, Tail Wheel, and Amphibious Floats are included. Over $10,000 was invested for additional engine cooling features for hot days that include changeable lower cowling exit ramp and additional cowl venting.

 Best equipped TWTT Built Sportsman on the market right now. Super Loaded with many options. See Online Photo Album:  https://photos.app.goo.gl/yRLmG7ZAudzLdAEv9

 Engine and Propeller:

  • Lycoming YI0-390-EXP engine rated at 210HP – (87 tach hours SMOH)
  • MT Prop 72’’ 3-Blade with Nickel Plated leading edge, REVERSABLE-PROP
  • Dual Slick Magnetos with Slick Start Module

 IFR Avionics:

  • Garmin G3X Touch Dual 10.6” Screens – PFD and MFD/EIS
  • Advance autopilot with Garmin GSA-28 Servos)
  • Full engine monitoring (EGT, CHT, Fuel Pressure, RPM, MP, Amps, Volts, Fuel Flow, Oil Temp, Lean Assist)
  • SiriusXM Weather (Subscription Required)
  • ADS-B Weather (Subscription free)
  • Garmin Connext – share flight plans, weather and traffic with Foreflight and Garmin Pilot
  • Garmin GTN-750 Nav/Comm with GMA-35 Audio Panel
  • Garmin GTX-23 ES Transponder – Mode S, ADS-B, Traffic
  • Garmin GMC-305 Autopilot Control Panel with blue Level button
  • Garmin GAP-26 heated pitot tube/AOA
  • Garmin GI-260 AOA Indicator on glareshield
  • Garmin GDL-39 ADSB
  • Dual Garmin GDU-25 ADAHRS
  • Garmin GMU-22 Magnetometer
  • Garmin GEA24 Engine Interface Module
  • GAD-29 Airinc 429 Interface Module
  • Garmin GTR-225 as Comm 2 Radio
  • Artex 406 ELT
  • Pilot control and co-pilot stick has PTT, Comm Flip-Flop, CWS, Elevator and Aileron electric trim
  • ADS-B compliant, proper operation verified
  • Lighted Electrical Switches, Dual USB Charging Ports, Audio Input Jack


  • Photo/Vent Openers Pilot/Co-Pilot (OK to Open in flight)
  • Seat back adjusters, fore and aft, both pilot and co-pilot
  • Rear Facing Rear Seats (Seating for Two Full Size Adults) with standard two pin headset jacks
  • Cabin Heat/Windshield Defroster, 2-inch Fresh Air Eye-Ball Vents, Matching Ignition/and door lock keys
  • Andair Fuel System value, (left-both-right)
  • Lighted Electrical Switches on Rheostat Dimmer,
  • Overhead, Dimmable Cabin Interior Lighting, Dimmable Eyebrow Lighting
  • Super Thick, Comfy Seats, Carpeted Cargo Area
  • Headset Hangar

 Also Included:

  • Beefed up Tail, with Tail Wheel Gear with wheel fairings.
  • Tricycle gear with wheel fairings
  • Strut and Flap Track Speed Fairings
  • 2 x Rosen Sun Visors
  • Clamar Amphibious Floats with reinforcement X rods
  • Carbon Fiber fuselage for increased useful load + 150lbs
  • 50 gallons
  • Permanently mounted fire extinguisher
  • HID Wingtip Lights LED Nav and Strobe Lights
  • LED Nav and Strobe Lights
  • Bruce canvas cover


  • Stunning, Custom paint scheme (Satin orange two tone grey and glossy black)
  • Professional Transition Training and Delivery available after the sale but not included in sales price
  • Last Annual Condition Inspection November 2020
  • 50 gallons (useable), 100 LL Fuel
  • Outboard Aux tanks are standard, slide-in, aluminum, 10 gallons per side
  • Gross Weight of 2500 lbs. on Wheels, 2600 lbs. on Floats

 See online Photo Album:  https://photos.app.goo.gl/yRLmG7ZAudzLdAEv9

 Professional Delivery at Transition Training After the Sale but Not included in Sale Price

 Contact Alan Negrin at Glasair Training Company