N63DK  1995       Glasair IIS RG

Fly it away for $69,900 US

Airframe TTSNEW 908

Engine: 200 hp Angle Valve IO-360C1D6 Lycoming-TTSNEW: 1196

TTSMOH: 140 Due to crankshaft failure on the ground, not in-flight Failure 2012

NDH- October 2018 Condition Inspection


Hartzell CS Prop 72 inch

Slotted Electric Flaps

Manual Elevator Trim

40-gallon main tank-7-gallon header

Dual controls-Dual PTT Switches-Dual Brakes

Cabin Heat Control-Eye Ball Fresh Air Vents

Emergency Gear Extension, no pump handle, free fall with pressure relief valve



Avionics Master Switch

Auto Pilot Master Switch

Rocky Mountain Instruments EMS LCD Screen

STEC-AP (either a 40 or 50) with Heading and altitude hold. Integrated HIS with Heading BUG Steering

Apollo GPS 2001

Narco MK 12D NAV/COM

Narco DME 890

Narco Transponder- October 2017 Transponder Test

12 Volt Auxiliary Power Socket (lighter type)

Digital Altimeter with LCD display

Marker Beacon Receiver

Mono / Stereo Switch

White Lighted Electrical Rocker Switches

Heated Pitot

Whelan NAV/Strobes

Empty Weight: 1323

Gross: 2100

Useful: 770

Photos: https://photos.google.com/u/0/share/AF1QipO2h5Hl3R_2fiCNf8RGWtNgIWxxCDnSg6ocNcSNEjarJrzBFgXLwJsV4_Mb2_Xc7g?key=NUNrVXEzejdyTENXaUxjaUtNWFE4TVRiOFI3eFR3


Professional Delivery and Transition Training available after the sale but not included in sale price.

Alan Negrin, Glasair Training Company