N63DK  1995       Glasair IIS RG

Exceptional Pro-Build Quality by A&P Owner

Fly it away for $98,900 US

Cruise at 190-200 KTAS


Airframe TTSNEW 975

Engine: 200HP Angle Valve IO-360C1D6 Lycoming-TTSNEW: 1260

TTSMOH: 215 Due to crankshaft failure on the ground, not in-flight Failure 2012

NDH- February 2021 Condition Inspection

Hartzell CS Prop 72 inch

Slotted Electric Flaps

Manual Elevator Trim

40-gallon main tank-7-gallon header

Dual controls-Dual PTT Switches-Dual Brakes

Cabin Heat Control-Eye Ball Fresh Air Vents

Emergency Gear Extension, no pump handle, free fall with pressure relief valve


Uavionics Tail Beacon All-In-One ADS-B Out/In

Avionics Master Switch

Auto Pilot Master Switch

Rocky Mountain Instruments EMS LCD Screen

STEC-AP (either a 40 or 50) with Heading and altitude hold. Integrated HIS with Heading BUG Steering

Apollo GPS 2001

Narco MK 12D NAV/COM

Narco DME 890

Narco Transponder- October 2017 Transponder Test

12 Volt Auxiliary Power Socket (lighter type)

Digital Altimeter with LCD display

Marker Beacon Receiver

Mono / Stereo Switch

White Lighted Electrical Rocker Switches

Heated Pitot

Whelan Strobes

LED NAV Lights, LED Landing Light With Flash Capability

Empty Weight: 1323

Gross: 2100

Useful: 770

Logbooks on Request, No Trades

Online Photos:  https://photos.app.goo.gl/afncmQcn5VmqyZke6

Professional Delivery and Transition Training available after the sale but not included in sale price.

Alan Negrin, Glasair Training Company


 Additional information  since 2019, Current Owner:

1:  New skytec starter
2:  New larger aftermarket oil cooler
3:  New main landing gear bushings
3:  New tires
4:  New hydraulic lines
5:  New fuel lines 
6:  New LED flashing landing light +LED NAV Lts
–  Has gravity drop emergency gear extension
–  Has wings placed 1-1/2” to rear for CG
–  Has 48 gal fuel
–  Uses 1/2 qt oil in 10 hours
–  215 hours on engine rebuild by Avion 2012
–  Great CG envelope
–  Useful load:   777lbs  (I believe)
–  Flew to Iowa and back in November-FAST
–  172 knts at 8.5 gal hour at 22/22 ROP
–  190 knts at 11.0 gal hour at 2400 rpm.