2007 Glasair Sportsman N14PT

Glasair Sportsman 2+2 N14PT

Date of Manufacture: 2-14-07
Kit Number 7116
Builder: Nicholas Reid
First Flight: 3-14-07
Tach time: 1115

Kit was built with extensive professional assistance from Zach Chase of Fibertech Composites, as well as other professionals for rigging, panel design and construction and painting.
General:  Glasair Sportsman 2+2 tail wheel aircraft.   Color: Solid Yellow.
Engine: Aerosport Power 0-375
Propeller: MT 210 CM

Original Engine: Factory New Superior Air Parts XP 0-360
New Aerosport Power Superior Air Parts XP 0-360 AIA     180 HP (When New)
Lightspeed Plasma III Electronic Ignition  one side.
Left Magneto Ignition: Slick conventional magneto
Custom direct Induction: Van’s FAB 360 airbox.
Engine pre-heating: Reiff Sump heater and Hot band system on cylinders
Main alternator:        B&C L-40
Main Voltage Regulator:     B&C LR3C-14
Standby alternator:              B&C SD-8 Spline Driven, 8 Amps,
Standby regulator: B&C PMR-1C
Battery:  EarthX Lithium, ETX680  (saves 11 pounds!) External a/c charger included with aircraft.
Starter: High torque SkyTec In-Line Model 149NL installed at 847 hrs.
Exhaust: Vetterman Exhaust, Inc. with cabin heat muff accessory.
Oil Cooler: Stewart Warner South Wind. 10599R
Oil Cooler Air Control: panel controlled, closes for winter operation: By Vans.
Engine fuel priming system.
Oil/Air Separator: Andair OS850

Engine Modified by Aerosport Power at 469.8 Hrs:
Converted to 0-375-A1A 205-210 HP Compression 9.2:1  Full documentation available.
New parts:     Crankshaft
Crankshaft bearings
Control Rod Bolts

Emphasis on performance  Superior Air Parts based 0375 by Aerosport Power, premier engine builder.  205 HP+ and light weight. Direct Custom Induction. Lightspeed Plasma II Ignition. Coupled TruTrack Autopilot.

904 HRS:  Propeller:   New MT  MTV-15-B/210-58  s/n 120797 installed 6-6-13
Replaced original  MTV-15-B/210-58 which was damaged by rock strike.
973.4 HRS: Rebuilt #1 and #3 cylinders by Aerosport Power. New gaskets, rings, wrist pins.

Panel:  Designed, Built and wired by SteinAir, Inc. All schematic documents included with aircraft.

Dual Bus Electrical System, with panel switch for load shedding in event of charging failure. This system designed to be used along with standby 8A alternator in the event of main alternator failure.
Designed and Installed by Stein Air.

Major Panel Components:
Chelton Flight Systems EFIS with Pinpoint GADAHRS
PS Engineering PMA 8000B Audio Panel: 4 headset outlets. Bluetooth feed to pilot headset
TruTrack Flight Systems Digiflight II  VSGV FP Autopilot, coupled to Chelton EFIS
Garmin SL30 NavCom
Garmin GTX 327 Transponder
Garmin Area 796 GPS, Mapping, etc.
Guardian Avionics Carbon Monoxide Detector, Mod. 553. with panel enunciators.
Advanced Flight System AFS 3400
Altitude Data System:  Sandia Aerospace   SAE5-35
Panel Lighting, 4 channel dimmer
Analog gauges:
Vertical Speed Indicator
Compass: Precision Aviation PAI-700
Wig Wag controller alternates HID lights on wing and engine cowling.
Antennas: Wingtip VOR  Bob Archer, Sportcraft Antennas
Transponder Antenna: Bob Archer, Sportcraft Antennas
Fuel System: Total 50 gallons nominal. Usable approx. 46 gallons.
Main tanks nominally 15 gal. Each  (30 nominal total)
Outboard tanks  10 gal. Each.
Fuel Transfer system: Pillar Point automatic fuel transfer system, transfers from outboard to main tanks.
Fuel Selector: Andair Left, Right, Both, Off.
Fuel Gascalator: Andair GAS375
Fuel Measurement:  There are Three systems to keep track of fuel.

      1. Advanced Flight Systems EFIS/Engine Monitor digital system: reset manually each time tanks are filled. Very accurate with “red cube” flow sensor. However accuracy depends on input at each refueling.
        1. Wing root float sensors: display as bar graph on AFS system. Float movement during flight enables easy confirmation that fuel is actually present, which would reveal an error in pilot input upon refueling.
        2. Critical Low Warning System: Pillar Point Avionics Fuel Gauge System FGS-2. IR based sensors detect fuel line un-porting, with panel enunciator.


    Airframe Details

     Brakes:  Grove Double Puck brakes. Stainless steel brake lines. Brakes Relined April 2018.

    Sound Barrier: dense foam sound insulation in selected areas of interior.

    Heat/Defrost:  Extra large stainless steel heat muff feeds heat to selector valve for cabin heat and dual outlets on windshield.

    Eyeball Vents: machined aluminum precision vents.

    Wing Folding:  Aircraft equipped with wing folding struts and removable wing fold hatches.

    Seating:  Pilot and passenger only. Aircraft wired for intercom in four locations, allowing installation of rear seat if desired.

    Door Locks: Aircraft equipped with locks on all doors, keyed alike with ignition.

    Sun Visors: Rosen

    Wheel Pants to Bush Wheel Conversion: Custom two piece wheel pants brackets designed for easy change over from wheel pants to bush wheels without complete axle disassembly.

    Removable Photo Window: Pilot’s window can be removed in flight for photography purposes. Made by LP Aeroplastics

    Tail Wheel:  Alaskan Bush Wheels ABI 3200 tail fork assembly. New Tire.

    Strobes: Power Supply: CreativAir Avi-Pak

    Strobe/Position Lights:  Whelen  A600PG/PR

    Eyeball Vents: machined aluminum precision vents.

    Included in purchase: Bush flying package: 29” Alaskan Bush wheels mounted on separate wheels, baby bush tail wheel, dual puck brakes (a $10,000 value).

    Photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/7QRXzH6FjuphFc7d7

    Professional Delivery and Training Available after the sale from Glasair Training Company

    Cash Sale only. Please, No Trades Will Be Considered