Transition Training

When building or buying a Glasair, Glastar or Sportsman you will probably need to obtain a certain amount of Dual Instruction in your make and model to get insurance coverage. The amount of Dual you need will depend on certain factors that the insurance company will determine based on your pilot qualifications and experience and the complexity of the aircraft.

I have owned or flown all models of Glasair, Glastar and Sportsman aircraft and have over 700 hours combined time in all gear configurations of Glasair models and over 2000 hours in Glastar and Sportsman in all gear configurations, including floats.
I have been a flight instructor since 1986. I began providing transition training in 2004, while working at Glasair Aviation. I began Alan Negrin Aviation Services,  LLC in mid 2008, offering transition training to new Glasair, Glastar and Sportsman pilots.

My qualifications are recognized by all insurance companies that currently offer coverage on Glasair aircraft. Even though I focus on the Glasair brand, I have experience in other experimental and certified aircraft. I’m also available for Biennial Flight Reviews in your aircraft. I can help you obtain a tail wheel or high performance endorsement and even provide you with training for a seaplane rating if your own your seaplane.

I will not only give you the required Dual Instruction for insurance purposes, but beyond that minimum, I will help you become proficient and safe in your new Glasair.

Glasair III – N31AN Flown by Alan Negrin over the San Juan Islands, WA.
Photo Courtesy of Jonathan Apfelbaum of Distant Thunder Aviation Photography